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Since the 1980s, Bright Lights Properties Management (BLPM) has provided premium real estate services to clients. Our diverse portfolio includes single-family homes, multi-family 3- and 4-unit buildings, apartment buildings, and commercial properties on East Side of Providence, College Hill’s Brown University, and Rhode Island School Of Design neighborhoods, catering to both the student market and professionals. We also serve Greater Boston area communities with pride.

At BLPM, we prioritize our clients’ needs and provide tailored solutions to ensure their satisfaction. We use a client-focused approach by asking the right questions and understanding their unique rental requirements. Our team always puts our clients’ interests ahead of ours, guaranteeing the highest quality service and satisfaction.

At BLPM, we are committed to providing our clients with peace of mind and hassle-free property management.

Our services include:

  • Full-service property management
  • Tenant screening and leasing
  • Rent collection and accounting
  • Property maintenance and repairs
  • Regular property inspections
  • Detailed financial reporting